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 A better way,a better we!

Distributor conference Moscow Russia, 2017

With the direction of"The Belt and Road", Dirui is making his efforts to fulfilling global service target, which is aiming at sharing Chinese innovations with the world.

Dirui's first CIS Distributor Conference was held in Moscow, Russia at 22th September. The theme is "A Better Way, A Better We." Dirui completely showed its advantages in IVD industry and achieved splendid responding in CIS market, which effectively help Dirui promote its brand in East Europe and Middle Asia.

CIS Distributor Conference"A Better Way, A Better We"

A Shiny Star in IVD Industry

Dirui was established in 1992, which is listing is stock in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Gem Board. Dirui insists on research and development, technological innovation for building up medical test product R & D platform. Until now, Dirui has completed 5 different product lines with professional laboratories and specific technique laboratories.

After 25 years development, Dirui has become a bright star in global IVD industry.

Dirui's global market

Recent years, under the guideline of global service concept, Dirui has built up business operation in Europe, Asia, and America. Dirui's global market has been expanded year by year.

Countries belonging to CIS can benefit from "The Belt and Road" policy. Expanding marketing input in this CIS area, fully excavating marketing potentials can help Dirui get more returns.

Distributor signed on the theme poster


Blossom—Talents crowed

With the strong support of Dirui, CIS team organized this distributor conference, whose theme is "A better way, A better we". It means Dirui would use a better method to build up a better CIS team for supporting distributors. Inheriting the theme of European Distributor Conference 2016, and meeting with Dirui's 25th anniversary, the theme this year contains 25 years honors and golden stamp.

Distributors form Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and The Republic of Belarus crowed in the distributor conference and witnessed the charming of Dirui's products.  

Dirui's distributor conference achieved great success. We show our great gratitude to each distinguished guests and hardworking organizer.


During the conference, Dirui's marketing department principal introduced the star product Fus series analyzers first, made product introduction and showcase focused on Dirui's new product, GMD-S600 Vaginal Infections Analyzer, which sufficiently showed the innovation and service spirits of Dirui. Dirui is always interpreting its company's mission "To popularize diagnosis, and benefit the masses" by our products.

Product introduction by marketing product specialist of Dirui

Series products presentation of Chemistry Series products and Hematology Series products.

Product presentation by Dirui's marketing principal

Serious and patient audience


Sedulous participators

Distributors took away the posters after the conference


Shinning—New products arrival

Dirui recommended CS-480, and CS-680 Chemistry analyzers, as well as GMD- S600 Vaginal Infections Analyzer. "One for Doctor, All for Woman" is the target of Dirui's first vaginal infections analyzer. Distributors attracted by the series presentations and earned a large amount of products information. Intention orders were made after the conference.

The 2017 Dirui Moscow Distributor Conference ended up with a grant cruise party. It is not only a part of the conference, but also the end. All participants enjoyed the wonderful night and became close friends.

The beautiful Moscow River recorded the happiness, friendship, cooperation, and mutual trust between Dirui and distributors, as well as the great successes of the CIS Distributor Conference.

Moskva River

Postscript--Star-spangled distributor conference

The Moscow river lamp was flickering when the distributor conference completed. Each individual of Dirui's organizer showed his/her appreciation to the distributor conference and the wonderful night.

Dirui's Team


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