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 Exploring Innovative Medical Technologies with DIRUI

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It is our great honor and pleasure to invite you to the 68th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, the world’s largest exposition for clinical laboratory products and services, which will be held from July 31st to August 4th , 2016 in Philadelphia, USA.


Dirui will showcase its innovations in all key business lines at AACC Clinical Lab Expo (August 2-4), aiming to demonstrate the most up-to-date success in medical technologies.


Experience and explore more at # 2437, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, USA


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Now let’s take a sneak peak!


FUS-2000 Urinalysis Hybird

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Always being on the leading edge of product development and production, DIRUI launched one of the world’s first urinalysis hybrid, the game changing FUS-2000. Two-in-one design integrates full urinalysis into a compact, easy to operate system. Efficient and intelligent operation gives lab workers real walk-away for other tasks. With one sample pipette, you can get whatever urine test results you need. Advanced technology of flat flow cytometry accepts native urine rather than centrifuged one. Besides, hydrodynamic effects formed by the sheath flow force the urine sample into single cell layer to minimize cells overlapping and gathering and so guarantee reliable results. FUS-2000 is the latest development and the future in automated urine microscopy.


CS-400Auto-Chemistry Analyzer


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It is a random clinical chemistry analyzer. Also the CS-400 Chemistry analyzer is a high-performed analyzer of DIRUI CS series Chemistry analyzers. This is an ideal instrument for the medium sized laboratories and the analyzer provides accurate tests results with user-friendly interface. The CS-400 chemistry analyzer with DIRUI biochemistry reagents offers an accurate test results with good traceability.


CS-T240Auto-Chemistry Analyzer

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It is a random automatic bench top clinical chemistry analyzer. The throughput is 240T/H which can be integrated in routine tests and emergency analysis. The analyzer is convenient, flexible and economic for the small to medium sized laboratories. CS-T240 Auto-Chemistry analyzer together with integrated reagents utilizing advanced technology offers an extremely efficient work style to achieve your requirements.


BF-6800Automatic Hematology Analyzer


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It is a highly integrated instrument withhigh-capability. It characterizes in accurate test result, easy operation, low consumption. The instrument can test quantitative analysis result of 24 blood parameters and 10 research parameters. The Analyzer is an in-vitro diagnostic medical instrument used by professionals for screening. It is used for testing red blood cell (RBC), platelet (PLT),white blood cell (WBC) number and volume distribution and concentration of hemoglobin, and it offers scattergram of white blood cell to help clinical diagnosis.


BCC-3600 Hematology Analyzer


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Designed and produced with the ideas of correct, measurement, convenient operation and low consumption, it is of high integration and excellent performance,and can meet various user requirements. The instrument can measure up to 21 parameters and display WBC,RBC and PLT histograms. BCC-3600 Hematology Analyzer is an in-vitro diagnostic medical device designed for professionals to get the count of WBC,RBC and PLT, and their volume distribution and HGB concentration, which will serve the clinical diagnosis.


Your presence will be our greatest honor!

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