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 DIRUI is inviting you to meet at the sea garden-Xia’ men in colorful June

Meeting date : June 16 to 18, 2016

Meeting place: Xia’men International conference & exhibition center

Exhibition No.: C13 exhibition hall

Meeting Introduction

The “2016 Chinese Medical Doctor Association Laboratory Physicians Annual Meeting and the 11th National Laboratory and Clinic Academic Conference” will be held by Chinese Medical Doctor Association and Chinese Medical Doctor Association of Lab Medicine in Xia’men International Conference & exhibition center between Jun16-18, 2016.


This laboratory physician annual meeting will be themed on “broaden the horizon of inspection industries across borders and improve inspection ability systemically”. Famous exports at home and abroad will be invited to discuss current medical development hot spots and other issues. It aims at exploring the development direction of laboratory medicine,  finding ways to make breakthroughs in industrial development bottleneck and sharing the experience in professional talents training.

At that time, DIRUI will bring its full line of products to showcase in Xia’men and welcome you to make inquires and discuss business!


DIRUI Satellite Meeting Special Forum

Forum Time: June 18, 20161250-1350

Forum Location: Room 302, Floor 3, Xia’men International Conference & Exhibition Center 

Keynote Speaker: Professor Xu Bing

Report Theme: Analysis techniques and application of formed element on the basis of planar flow type

During the exhibition, 22 special topic forum will be held simultaneously. Taking advantage of this academic research communication platform, DIRUI will hold a 60-minute satellite meeting special forum at the same time. 

The forum will invite Professor Xu Bing, the expert in medical health industrial field of Jilin Science and Technology Agency to make an theme academic lecture. In the report, he will analyze and explain analysis techniques and application of formed element of planar flow type. DITUI sincerely welcome you to participate the seminar and discuss the hot issues in the field of planar flow.

Expert Introduction:


Xu Bing, PhD, professional level senior engineer and the technical director of DIRUI Industrial Co., Ltd. Research & Development Center. He also works as the secretary general of Jilin Medical Equipment Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and the expert in medical health industrial field of Jilin Science and Technology Agency. Having worked for urine analysis techniques for more than ten years and as our Company’s project manager of dry chemistry full-automatic urine analyzer and urine formed element automated urine flow analyzer, Professor Xu is also responsible for National 863 Projects and provincial major research and technological projects. In this connection, he has deep technical background and rich project development and technological management experience. He has published ten-odd papers, one academic monograph and won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Awards, the first and the third prizes of provincial level and ministerial level science and technology progress as well as the special prize of the city’s science and technology progress awards.

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