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--FUS2000 Urinalysis Hybrid developed.
--BCC3600 Automatic Hematology Analyzer developed.
--Auto-Chemistry Analyzer CS-1200 developed.
--Automatic Hematology (5-part) (BF-6800、BF-6880) developed.
--Automatic Urine Analyzer H-1000 developed.
--Automatic Fecal Occult Blood Analyzer FB-100 developed.
--Auto-Chemistry Analyzer (CS-1600、CS-6400) developed.
--Automatic Hematology (5-part) BF-6500 developed.
--Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer FUS-200 developed.
--Automatic Hematology (5-part) developed.
--Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer FUS-100 developed.
--Auto-Chemistry Analyzer (CS-600、CS-800) developed.
--Immunochemistry reagent developed.

--Automatic Hematology (3-part) developed.
--Auto-Chemistry Analyzer (CS-240、CS-400) developed.
--Automatic Urine Analyzer H-800 developed.
--Semi-Automatic Hematology Analyzer (3-part) developed.
-- Chemistry reagents developed.
-- Semi-Automatic Chemistry Analyzer developed.
-- Control used for urinalysis developed.
-- H-500, H-300 and H-50 Urine Analyzers developed.
-- H-100 Urine Analyzer and the applied reagent strips developed.
-- The anti-VC urinalysis reagent strips developed.
-- 11 parameters urinalysis reagent strips developed.
-- 10 parameters urinalysis reagent strips developed.
-- 8 parameters urinalysis reagent strips developed.

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