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CS-6400 Auto-Chemistry System
CS-1600 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer
CS-1300B Auto-Chemistry Analyze
CS-1200 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer
CS-600B Auto-Chemistry Analyzer
CS-400 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer
CS-300B Auto-Chemistry Analyzer
CS-T240 Auto-Chemistry Analyzer
DR-7000D Semi-Automatic Chemistry Analyzer
BF-6880 Automatic Hematology Analyzer
BF-6800 Automatic Hematology Analyzer
BF-6500 Automatic Hematology Analyzer
BCC-3600 Hematology Analyzer
Automatic Urinalysis System(FUS-200/H-800)
Automatic Urinalysis System(FUS-100/H-800)
FUS-2000 Urinalysis Hybrid
FUS-200 Urine Sediment Analyzer
FUS-100 Urine Sediment Analyzer
H-800 Automatic Urine Analyzer
H-500 Urine Analyzer
H-100 Urine Analyzer
Hematology Control and Calibration
Urinalysis Strips
Urinalysis Control
Automatic Urine Analyzer Detergent
Urine Sediment Analyzer Reagent
Hematology Analyzer Reagent
Chemistry Reagent [ 7020 ]
Chemistry Control and Calibration Serum
Chemistry Analyzer Detergent
ISE Reagent
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> Large LCD touch screen is convenient for users’ operation

> Built-in thermal printer can print results automatically

> Environmentally friendly used strip collection and disposal system

>4–wavelength cold light source ensures the result’s accuracy.

> 514 samples per hour.

> Up to 14 test parameters which are optional

> 2000 result data memory is convenient for review  

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