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For Suppliers:
    Respected future suppliers: Thank you for your attention to DIRUI. With 20 years of technology accumulation and quality promotion, DIRUI is becoming a supplier of world class laboratory solutions for medical facilities worldwide. We are indefatigably striving to become your partner, and we will be glad to share this opportunity and platform with you.
    You are not only our suppliers, but also our strategic partners in terms of developing together and sharing the same mission as well as prospects. We will always bring new ideas to develop competitive products and offer comprehensive market service. We desire to receive high-quality products and comprehensive service from our suppliers, as we firmly hold that DIRUI's development counts much on great suppliers worldwide. We are looking forward to joining hands with great suppliers for a bright future.
    Let's get to know each other starting from the following questionnaire. Looking forward to cooperating with you soon!
Products You Intend to Cooperate with DIRUI
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Basic Information
Enterprise Name:
Registered Capital:
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Status in the industry:
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The amount of annual supply:
  *Suppliers are committed to provide the information and related accessories above honestly, legitimately and validly.
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